How To Reset A Lock Box Without The Code

how to reset a lock box without the code

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Resetting a lock box without the code can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’ve forgotten the combination or you’ve just acquired a lock box that’s locked, there are ways to regain access and set a new code. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore various methods to reset your lock box without the original code. From manual interventions to professional solutions, we’ll cover all bases to ensure you can securely use your lock box again. Moreover, we’ll dive into some frequently asked questions to help clarify common concerns. NonStop Locksmith in Kansas City is always ready to assist with lock box issues and more.

Understanding Your Lock Box

Lock boxes come in various types, each with unique mechanisms and reset procedures. Identifying the type of lock box you have is the first step in the reset process. Common types include dial combination, push-button, and electronic lock boxes.

Preliminary Steps

Before attempting to reset your lock box, consider the following preliminary steps:

  • Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions: Many lock boxes come with a manual or online resources for troubleshooting and resetting.
  • Look for a Reset Button or Lever: Some models have a dedicated reset feature accessible from the outside or inside once opened.
  • Contact Customer Support: If available, the lock box manufacturer’s customer support can provide guidance specific to your model.

Manual Reset Methods

Dial Combination Lock Boxes:

  1. Feel for the Click: Slowly turn the dial and feel for any irregularities, such as a slight click or resistance, which might indicate the correct combination.
  2. Shimming: A thin piece of metal or plastic can sometimes be inserted into the mechanism to trigger an opening.

Push-Button Lock Boxes:

  1. Decoding the Buttons: Pressing the buttons in a specific sequence or pattern, based on wear or resistance, can sometimes open the lock.
  2. Resetting Mechanism: Some models allow for a reset once opened, usually by pressing a series of buttons in a specific sequence.

Electronic Lock Boxes:

  1. Power Override: Removing and reinserting batteries or using an external power source can reset some electronic models.
  2. Factory Reset: Look for a hidden reset button or sequence that returns the lock box to its default settings.

Professional Reset Methods

When manual methods fail or are not an option, professional locksmith services become necessary. NonStop Locksmith in Kansas City offers 24/7 emergency locksmith services to tackle lock box issues. Professionals have the tools and expertise to open and reset your lock box without damaging it.

Detailed Reset Table

Lock Box Type Preliminary Check Manual Reset Method Professional Solution
Dial Combination Check for a default code Feel for clicks or resistance Locksmith decoding
Push-Button Inspect for worn buttons Sequence decoding, reset mechanism Professional reset
Electronic Power source and battery check Power override, factory reset Locksmith electronic reset

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent forgetting my lock box code in the future?

Consider using a secure digital password manager to store your codes. Alternatively, choose a memorable combination related to significant dates or numbers.

Is it possible to reset a lock box without any professional help?

Yes, in many cases, especially with manual lock boxes, the reset methods mentioned can be attempted without professional help. However, electronic lock boxes often require expert intervention.

What should I do if my lock box is damaged during the reset attempt?

If your lock box is damaged, it’s crucial to contact a professional locksmith. NonStop Locksmith offers residential locksmith services that include repairing or replacing damaged lock boxes.

Can NonStop Locksmith in Kansas City help me choose a new lock box?

Absolutely. Besides providing solutions for when you’re locked out of your house, we can assist in selecting and installing a new lock box that meets your security needs.


Resetting a lock box without the code involves a mix of diligence, patience, and sometimes professional assistance. Whether through manual efforts or with the help of experts like NonStop Locksmith servicing Kansas City, regaining access to your lock box is feasible. Remember to take preventive measures to avoid similar situations in the future. For any lock box issues, lockouts, or security concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our comprehensive range of services, including innovative door locking solutions and guides on opening doors with common tools, ensures you’re never left stranded. Trust NonStop Locksmith for all your locksmith needs in Kansas City.

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